Westhills Dental applies strict Infection Prevention and Control Polices and adheres to the requirements outlined by the Alberta Dental College & Association and Alberta Health and Wellness

Our process begins with instruments and devices being cleaned, decontaminated, and disinfected using state of the art equipment including a Miele instrument washer, ultrasonic cleaner, Assistena Lubricator and water distiller.

From there our instruments are processed in our steam sterilizers which include the Midmark M11D and Statim.


The integrity of the sterility of instruments are monitored and tested daily and monitored, documented and audited to ensure efficacy. 

Sterilization - Calgary

Our dental providers wear single use protective equipment and all surfaces are chemically and physically protected from contamination to ensure patient safety. 

If at any time you like a tour of our sterilization facility, wish to view our Office Manual or have any question; please feel free to contact us at : (403)246-1129

Last Updated On 2019-05-22