Privacy Information

At Westhill Dental, we take privacy seriously and are committed to protecting our patient’s personal information in the most professional and responsible manner.

Some of the reasons why we collect our patient information include:

- Opening and keeping patient files updated
- Invoicing patients' dental services that are provided to them
- Processing credit card patients or collecting unpaid payments
- Processing claims for payments or reimbursements from insurance companies or health benefits providers
- Reminding patients about their upcoming examinations or treatments
- Educating patients about our practice and services

When the patient has submitted a claim for reimbursement of their treatment costs or we have submitted their claim on their behalf, the patient’s contact information will be disclosed to their health benefits provider or insurance company.


In order to better provide better dental care and ensure a smooth experience, we collect the following information from our patients:

- We may collect the patient’s financial information in order to process payments for the services provided.
- The patient’s dental and medical history, including and conditions and treatments that they have received. This allows us to get a complete overview of the patient’s health so we can diagnose their dental condition and provide the appropriate solution.

The patient’s medical history will be disclosed to the following parties:

- The patient’s third party health providers and insurance companies where they or we have submitted their claim.
- Other dental professionals (dentists and specialists) who we are asking for a second opinion (with patient’s consent).
-Other dental professionals (dentists and specialists) if the patient has been referred by us to the other dentist or dental specialist regarding a treatment.
-Other physicians and healthcare professionals if the patient has been referred by us to the other health care professional for either a second opinion or treatment.
-The Alberta Dental Association and College that regulates dentists and may check our records for regulatory purposes.

How your personal information is protected:

- Your electronic information is safely stored on password-protected hardware. The files are protected with encryption and firewalls to ensure their security.
- We use sealed envelopes and reputable carriers in the event your paper records need to be transferred outside our office.
- Anyone outside who may have access to your records (such as consultants or subcontractors) have to take the proper measures to protect your private information.

How to access your personal information:

- At any time, you can access your personal information and records by asking one of our staff.
- You can update and change your information if it's inaccurate or outdated.
- We can send you a copy of your personal records; however, you will be charged an administration fee for this.

For any questions or concerns regarding your privacy information, please contact our “Privacy Information Officer”:


Dr. Daniel Yu, 218 Stewart Green S.W., Calgary, AB T3H 3C8

Fax: (403)246-1172


To learn more about the Alberta Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA) or the Federal personal information protection and electronic documents act (PIOEDA), please visit

Last Updated On 2021-08-03