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Molars at the back of your mouth can be hard places to reach and clean properly. Food matter and dental plaque bacteria can hide here and this issue can be even more pronounced when there are deep crevices. If the natural surface of your tooth has these deep indentations then there is a strong possibility that a cavity could form here. If a fissure is deep enough that regular cleaning cannot physically reach, a dental sealant might be an adequate solution.

Dental sealants are applied mainly to the biting surface of these back teeth, called the molars. What this does is prevent leftover food particles from staying stuck in the grooves.

The benefits of this treatment can help younger children in their development. 

  • Sealing teeth is a quick process:
  • The teeth are cleaned in preparation
  • A chemical is applied to the surface of the teeth which allows it to adhere properly
  • Sealant is applied to the teeth
  • It is then set using a light
Sealants should last several years when applied correctly. The lifespan of this treatment depends on the eating habits of the patient. Hard wear on your teeth from tougher textured foods like candies can reduce the timespan of sealants. 

Sealants do contain BPA but the amount is so low that you would receive more when breathing in air, using cosmetics or even touching a paper receipt from a shop. They are safe for people of all ages although there they are more effective in younger patients. This reduces the risk of cavities forming during the key developmental years.

If you are unsure whether sealants would be beneficial for you and your family then speak to our team at Westhill Dental Centre in Calgary. Dentist appointments are a good chance to talk about your oral health and explore all your available solutions. Request an appointment today.



Last Updated On 2021-08-03