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Emergency Dentist in Calgary

Looking for an emergency dentist in Calgary, AB? Family dentist Westhills Dental Care is here for the urgent care needed after an accidental injury. If you have suffered from cracked or broken teeth from an incident then we are here to provide you with the appropriate dental care. 

We understand that these appointments can be stressful for patients. We take extra care to ensure that we deal with dental emergencies in an efficient, detailed and safe way. The last thing that a patient needs is complications during a procedure such as this, so we make certain that the patient understands the process and feels safe in our hands. At our Calgary dentist practice, we have an experienced team of surgeons who will make the necessary repairs with details in mind. A simple, quick fix is not an acceptable answer to an emergency here at our Calgary dentist office. Not at the expense of comprehensive and thorough treatment. We would use the same long-term measures in an emergency as with a regular appointment. 

Preventative treatment is an important part of how we operate. We aim to create and tailor solutions to fit the patient and much of that is based on the mitigation of future dental complications. We know that your smile is important and we will do everything possible to ensure we repair it. Just as important is the long-term maintenance. After your treatment, our Calgary dentist team will follow-up with advice and any necessary additional work. Honesty and transparency is essential to a healthy relationship with our patients. We want to build long-term trust with our patients and guarantee that they feel confident in our capabilities. 

We are there for regular check-ups, emergencies and everything in between. Whatever the case, our Calgary dentist team is here for you and your family. Whatever the situation, Westhills Dental Care is your go-to Calgary practice. Click here to request an appointment. 

Last Updated On 2020-11-25