Tooth Replacement Options Calgary - Dental clinic in Calgary

There are four bad things that can happen when a tooth is missing. The teeth can start to drift forward (we call this mesial drift). Your jawbone will start to dissolve, which is known as “ alveolar resorption.” The teeth in the opposite jaw can start to fall into the missing space (supereruption), and worst of all other teeth have to work harder and other dental fillings, crowns and teeth are at risk of breaking down sooner. There are four options for missing teeth:
(1) No treatment
(2) Removable partial or complete denture (can also be supported by implants)
(3) Dental bridge
(4) Dental implant

Not everyone is a candidate for all options, so the best thing to do is schedule an exam where you and your dentist can examine your unique dental situation and determine which options you are a candidate for.
Last Updated On 2021-08-03