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When a deep cavity forms in a tooth it can spread through the enamel into the dentin. Dentin is the layer underneath the enamel and the very core of the tooth is the pulp. When a decay spreads this far into a tooth, the nerve structure of the tooth can die. Cavities are the most common cause of this condition but these can arise from complications during a filling. 

The roots of the tooth becoming infected can cause swelling and eventually risk the complete loss of the tooth itself. Swelling is usually the first sign of a root infection that the patient will notice. If a cavity forms to this extent, a root canal may be recommended by your dentist. Westhills Dental Care is here for your root canal treatment in Calgary. Dentist visits for these procedures can seem intimidating and we understand that. We aim to make our patients feel comfortable even with the more complicated treatments such as this. 

With this treatment, the root canal itself needs to be cleaned out. Firstly, the tooth is drilled into in order to access the inside. 

This is done using specialist instruments along with chemicals to break down the bacteria that has formed inside. The inflamed pulp and nerve tissue is removed and the tooth is filled with a material which blocks the root structure. It stops fluids from entering the tooth and interfering with the tooth’s interior. This also strengthens the structure since the drilling and infection will have significantly weakened the integrity. A tooth is usually crowned after a root canal therapy

This can take one or more visits to fully complete and a follow-up appointment is usually made after 6 months to check on the state of the tooth and the healing. Contact Westhills Dental Care to arrange an appointment to discuss root canal therapy in Calgary. 

Root Canal Therapy in Calgary
Root Canal Therapy in Calgary, Alberta
Root Canal Therapy in Calgary, AB
Root Canal Treatment in Calgary, Alberta
Root Canal Treatment in Calgary, AB
Last Updated On 2020-11-25