Family Dentist in Calgary

Family Dentist in Calgary

Our family dentistry in Calgary is all about making connections and bonds with our patients. They enjoy getting to know you and your family. Our dental team, from our receptionists to our dentists and even our dental assistants, work hard in order to ensure your whole family experiences a stress-free visit at our office. 


At Westhills Dental, we strive to keep a friendly and family-focused atmosphere where patients of all ages can feel at ease and comfortable. We are aware dental practices are often not the favourite place for kids but we make sure to have toys, games, books and video games for your children. Our goal is for your kids to actually enjoy going to the dentist for their routine dental check-ups, so when they get older, they don’t develop dental anxiety. 


Dental anxiety is a term used to describe the fear and phobia around going to the dentist or anything dental-related. Someone who has dental anxiety will begin to feel anxious when they enter a dental practice or by just hearing the word “dentist”. Dental anxiety can be associated with certain triggers such as needles, drills or the dental setting in general. We certainly don’t want that happening to you or your children, which is why it’s imperative to us that we ensure a comfortable environment for your family. 


At our Calgary-based dental clinic, our dentists and staff all believe in keeping your family’s oral health intact through preventive dentistry. Our dentists make sure your family has regular check-ups, teeth cleanings, gum therapy, fluoride rinses and much more. We believe it is always better to diagnose and treat oral problems as soon as possible rather than later. 


Many dental diseases can be prevented by proper dental care on a daily basis and by visiting your local Calgary dentist regularly. Contact our dental clinic today to find out more about our family dental services. 

Last Updated On 2021-08-03