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Dental fillings are a great way to fill a cavity, but at a certain point they are not strong enough and your tooth becomes a risk to fracture. Generally speaking, when a tooth is over 50% dental filling it is a risk to break. There are other considerations to discuss with your dentist, such as missing teeth (other teeth are over-worked), heavy grinding, or a root canal treated tooth, but the 50% guideline is a good guideline. If the tooth breaks abo the gums it often can be fixed, but if a tooth fractures below the gumline it is almost always an extraction.

A dental crown encircles a tooth, holding it together, and is the strongest way to prevent a tooth from breaking. There are are a variety of different materials used to make crowns including all porcelain crowns and occasionally gold crowns. Westhills Dental keeps the lab fees identical for all different types of crowns, so our patients can focus on selecting the best option for their unique situation.
Last Updated On 2021-08-03