Calgary Dental Services

In creating beautiful and healthy smiles, a wide range of services are available to you. Please click on any of the links below for more details on the following procedures:

  • Amalgam-Free - Metal-free dental restorations. We can even replace your old metal fillings
  • Porcelain Veneers - Similar to a fake nail, these strong, thin shells are bonded to a tooth in order to cover-up stained teeth
  • Root Canal Therapy - Hot and cold sensitivity can be due to damaged or infected dental pulp. A root canal involved cleaning infected and inflamed tissues in the center of your tooth.
  • Sedation - IV Conscious sedation or oral conscious sedation can help you feel more relaxed while undergoing complicated / multiple dental treatments.
  • Invisalign - A less visible alternative to metal braces. Invisible braces are also removable.
  • Bonding and Veneers - Both great options can restore the look of a damaged tooth or help to change the way a tooth looks.
  • Crowns and Bridges - A great option to bring back your smile. If a missing tooth is causing problems for you, our dentist, Dr. Daniel Yu, can use attach crowns to your natural teeth that are adjacent to the empty space, left by your missing tooth, to "bridge" the space using a false tooth (pontic tooth), attached to the abutment teeth's new dental crowns.
  • Dental Implant - The best option to replace a single missing tooth.
  • Whitening including featured product Zoom! - A simple, non invasive dental treatment used to change the colour of your natural tooth enamel. This is the quickest cosmetic dental treatment available.
  • Wisdom Teeth - Wisdom tooth surgery is sometimes necessary if these last teeth to erupt into in your mouth, for example, are growing in sideways. When overlooked, wisdom teeth can erupt without sufficient room, which can eventually cause a lot of pain, the formation of cysts (in rare cases), swelling and infection.

Insurance Plans
We accept most insurance plans and we are able to electronically file your claims for faster processing.

Digital Intra-oral Camera
Our high-magnification camera and large screen monitor allows you to see exactly what we see, thus enabling you to learn and understand the treatment recommended to you so that you can make the best decision for your oral health.

Last Updated On 2021-08-03